AI-powered messaging can make your service operation up to 3X more efficient

Handle multiple conversations at once, improve RO processing efficiency, deliver higher quality experiences and increase customer loyalty with LivePerson Automotive’s messaging platform. 

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Top five ways dealerships use messaging for servicing


Send photos and videos to enable faster work approval 


Send vehicle pickup notifications 


Automate appointment and maintenance reminders 


Initiate real-time mobile payments 


Extend promotional offers for vehicle appraisal and beyond 

Since partnering with LivePerson Automotive through FCA we’ve seen fantastic results. LivePerson Automotive Service Texting product has allowed us to get approvals for our RO’s faster, it’s helped increased our CSI scores, and overall made our service department run more efficiently. I would recommend to any other FCA dealer that they take advantage of this partnership.” 

BJ Holmes

General Manager, Ganley Chrysler, Dodge,
Jeep, Ram of Aurora

Ganley of Aurora

The results have been incredible

Increased efficiency

25% of text messages get approvals within 5 minutes, leading to faster repair cycle times. 

99% opt-in rate

Our DMS-integrated opt-in on ROs make it easy for consumers to say "yes" to receiving your messages. 

Increased ROs

Service advisors who text see 2X the job approvals compared to those who make phone calls. 

Reduced calls

With the option to text, our customers have reduced phone calls by up to 30%. 

Increased trade appraisals

Custom landing pages (part of the texting solution) can include a free trade-in appraisal, which can generate 10 - 60 requests per month. 

Higher CSI

Our customers have seen service CSI scores increase up to 11 points. 

Harness the power of service messaging

The LivePerson Automotive messaging platform seamlessly integrates with your DMS making it simple to streamline servicing and empower advisors to be more efficient. When advisors have the ability to automate and text real-time servicing updates, notifications, photos & videos it enables faster work approvals, greater trust, transparency, and richer customer history for better lifetime service. Staying connected to your customers with messaging keeps them loyal post warranty and keeps your dealership first in line for their next purchase.