Powering the Conversational Automaker

Our AI-powered conversational platform enables OEMs and their dealerships to drive more sales and build brand loyalty.

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Guided shopping with messaging makes buying easier than ever

Automakers spend millions of dollars creating brand preference, but sales don’t happen without a conversation. LivePerson Automotive makes it easy for OEMs to capitalize by answering all types of consumer inquiries quickly and concisely with messaging and AI-powered chatbots. The Conversational Automaker™ can seamlessly connect consumers with local dealerships to shop for, buy, service, and trade in vehicles. White glove messaging and chatbot experiences are no longer a luxury, but a necessity for every automaker.

Engage your consumers where they already are

Car buyers and owners already prefer messaging over calling in their personal lives, and most OEMs are racing to catch up in order to acquire and retain loyal customers. LivePerson Automotive powers the world’s most innovative OEMs to connect with consumers around the clock, on a variety of digital messaging channels including SMS, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Google RCS and WhatsApp — along with messaging on your website and mobile app.

Get up and running quickly with AI-powered chatbots

A lot of consumer conversations with OEMs are simple, easy to predict and automate. “Where is your closest dealership?“, “How do I schedule a test drive?“, “When will you be releasing the newest model?“, “Does it come with 3rd row seating?” are all examples of conversations that can easily be handled by a bot to streamline the guided shopping journey. When a bot doesn’t know the answer to a question it seamlessly transfers the conversation to a human who handles more sophisticated requests. Bots drive quicker responses and resolution which equates to better customer relationships and CSI for your brand.

Turn phone calls into messaging conversations

Instead of missing your consumers’ calls or making them wait on hold, give them the option to initiate a messaging conversation when they call you. Call-to-Message gives consumers the capability to instantly switch from a phone call to a messaging conversation by selecting an option in your IVR or automated attendant. This makes consumers happier, increases sales, and reduces costs.

A single place to manage all your conversations

Agents and bots work together in a single web-based workspace to handle conversations across all messaging channels. Agents can easily handle multiple messaging conversations at a time from their desktop or mobile device. And with the ability to monitor bot conversations in real time, agents can intervene when necessary to maintain a positive consumer experience and to help improve bot performance over time.