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The LivePerson Automotive platform enables consumers to easily communicate with your dealership where they want and when they need you most.

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Engage your consumers where they already are

Car buyers and owners already prefer messaging over calling in their personal lives, and dealerships are racing to catch up in order to acquire, service, and retain loyal customers. LivePerson Automotive powers the world’s most innovative dealerships to connect with consumers around the clock on a variety of digital messaging channels including SMS, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Google RCS and WhatsApp along with web chat on your website and other 3rd party sites.

Connect with consumers on the world’s most popular automotive sites

Consumers already browse your listings on 3rd party websites, now they can get answers to their questions in real-time without picking up the phone or filling out a form. LivePerson Automotive is the exclusive provider of web chat for AutoTrader, Kelley Blue Book, Car Soup,, RV trader, and Cycle Trader among others. In the age of digital transformation, giving consumers quick fingertip access to your experts is the roadmap to more sales, deeper relationships, and higher CSI.

Manage all your conversations from a web based platform

Consumers have a lot of questions — and dealerships need to be available to answer all of them, quickly and concisely. These interactions drive transactions, and every service request is an opportunity for you to build a relationship that offers serious lifetime value. The LivePerson Automotive platform is a web based workspace that gives agents the toolset to ensure seamless messaging operations. Agents can easily handle multiple conversations at once and instantly identify the source of each conversation. Understanding where consumers begin their journeys, from sources like 3rd party websites, Facebook Marketplace, social media, paid search ads, Google and Apple properties or QR and short codes is essential to having relevant and fruitful conversations.

An army of automotive messaging experts supporting you 24/7

We’ve trained and developed hundreds of US-based automotive messaging experts that can engage, nurture and monetize consumer conversations on behalf of your dealership. Our Live Advisors can run your entire messaging operation, work with and skill your own experts, or cover nights and weekends so you’re always online and never miss an opportunity. When Live Advisors support dealership messaging operations, lead conversion rates increase by up to 40%. Expertise is everything.

Automating service requests saves you time and money

Running a well-oiled servicing operation can be challenging, and every minute wasted by inefficient systems is a potential dollar lost. Dealerships need to automate servicing transactions and communications with car owners without sacrificing quality or losing their personal touch. LivePerson Automotive seamlessly integrates with your DMS so you can automate appointment and tune-up reminders, welcome messages, promotional offers, pickup notifications, mobile payments and CSI follow-ups through SMS messaging. It also gives advisors the ability to send servicing photos and videos that enable faster work approval, greater trust, transparency, and richer customer history for better lifetime service. Learn more ›