The world’s most dynamic AI-powered conversational platform

Manage all of your messages, emails and social posts from a single platform

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Engage your consumers where they already are

Our new platform powers connections for consumers to communicate with the world’s most innovative dealerships when and where they want. You can embrace conversational commerce on a variety of digital messaging channels including SMS, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and WhatsApp along with messaging on your dealership's website or mobile app.

A new way to manage, analyze and respond to emails

Email conversations are slow, expensive to manage and have one of the lowest CSATs of any communication channel. Now you can manage, analyze and respond to emails within our new platform. Every email you send includes an option for the consumer to instantly transfer into a messaging channel of their choice with the click of a button – leading to quicker resolution and greater satisfaction.

Simplify customer care on social media

Supporting consumers has become more complex with the increase in social posts, tweets, DMs and hashtags. Social Messaging makes it easy to prioritize, optimize and scale your social media care. Now you can manage social interactions to deliver a higher standard of customer care at scale.

Facebook Marketplace is your secret weapon to driving more leads

Turn social interactions into transactions with Facebook Marketplace. All you have to do is add your inventory of pre-owned vehicles to your page, and watch the leads roll in. You can immediately answer inquiries and book test drives in a Facebook Messenger conversation. 

Turn phone calls into messaging conversations with Voice-to-Message

Instead of missing calls or making your consumers wait on hold to find out when they can come in for a test drive, Voice-to-Message gives consumers the capability to instantly switch from a phone call to a text messaging conversation by selecting an option in your IVR or automated attendant. By transferring people to messaging, you'll be able to handle multiple conversations at once and satisfy more consumers while handling more volume.

Automate up to 70% of conversations with AI-powered chatbots

We used decades of consumer data and a powerful AI-engine to build automotive-specific chatbots that are easy to implement and customize. These ready-to-go bot templates address industry-specific use cases and include pre-configured intents and dialogue flows along with necessary integrations into back office systems. With advanced natural language processing capabilities, you can rest assured that consumer inquiries will trigger the right bot responses for a seamless conversational experience on the most popular messaging channels.

Text message marketing: target new prospects and re-engage existing customers

Use text message marketing to send promotions, offers and campaigns in messaging channels where open rates are 98% and response rates are 45%, far greater than email.