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Need help? We’ve got you covered. Here you’ll find a list of FAQs and if you don’t see an answer to your question you can always chat with us at your convenience.

A customer has turned red and opted-out. How do I text them again?

If a customer texted the word "STOP" or if a dealership employee clicked OPT-OUT, the customer will turn red and no longer be able to receive texts from the texting tool. The only way for the customer to become "textible" again is to have them text the word "START" back to your texting tool phone number. This phone number is always visible at the very top of your texting tool screen. You will know this has been done successfully when the customer's initials go from red to green. You may text this customer once more.

How do I add recipients to the texting usage report?

Once you are logged in, go to the main navigation, click on reports. Add in your email to the report, then use the main navigation tab on the left side of the interface screen. Click on the tab labeled "Reports." Look for "actions" and under this label, three actions will be displayed. "View/ Edit/Delete." Simply click on the edit tab and enter the email of the recipient you would like to receive the report.

*Note: Must have manager access

How do I create a texting usage report?

To create a report, a user with manager access must use the navigation menu on the left side of the interface screen. Click on the tab labeled "Reports” and then click on the "New" button ( plus sign). Next use the drop down menu to select a report type and add the emails of the recipients that should receive the reports and click save button. Reports will be sent out via email. 

*Note: Reports aren’t generated instantly (depending on the type of repor, they generated every night or every Monday)

How do I create teams?

In order for users access to other users' customers you will need to create a team. To add a team, use the main navigation tab on the left side of the user interface screen. Click on the tab "Users". Under the tab "Teams" click "New" to add new users and give it a brief description (optional). Next Under "Actions" click on the members button and select on the user(s) you would like to add to the team.

*Note: Must have manager access

How do I set an out of the office automatic reply?

Login to the app, click on the “online” button and select “away” and type in your auto-response. After clicking “submit” you will see an “away” button. If a customer sends you a text while you are marked as “away,” the texting tool will automatically send the away response to your customer. Remember to click on the “away” button and select “online” once you have returned to your desk.

How do I turn off the white pop ups?

Note, user must access the settings in chrome in order to disable the chrome notifications. Wait to receive a white pop up and click “settings” and then “advanced”. Next, Under the section "Privacy and Security" click on the section labeled "Content settings." In the next menu scroll to the section that says "Notifications." Locate the Connect Service link, then proceed to click on the three gray dots on the far right corner of the screen. A drop down menu will display with the options "Block, Edit, Remove." Click on block and the white pop ups will be discontinued.

How do I turn on my texting alerts on my cellphone?

Click on "my profile" and look for the a tab labeled "Notifications." Click SMS" to start receiving text notifications on your mobile device.

*Note: A cellphone number must be entered into the information field on the left side of the "My Profile" screen

I forgot my password.

A user with a manager's login can reset your password by logging in and navigating to the USERS page and clicking on “change password" to the far right of the employee's name that needs a new password, the password must be 8 or more characters.

I'm not getting the pop up alerts anymore.

lease make sure that you have the tray application for the texting tool installed. If you cannot find it, please click on the little, white arrow in the bottom right corner of your PC. A menu will open that may contain our app. If you still cannot find the app, you can download it by following these instructions: Once you have found the app, right-click and select "log out." Next, left-click on the app icon and it should ask you to log in. Use your dealership email and your assigned password. You should now get the messaging popups again

The customer's cellphone number is wrong.

Click on the customer and then click on "edit" to Adjust the phone number and then click save. The texting tool will now send all future texts to this new number. (You can either click "retry" or copy and paste text messages that previously failed to send. We recommend that you change the number in the cellphone field in your DMS as well so the texting tool can pull the correct phone number.

Why are my customers not automatically populating in the texting tool?

Customers fail to populate when the advisor’s DMS ID is either missing or entered incorrectly. A user with manager credentials will need to log in and navigate to the USERS page. Click on VIEW PROFILE. Click on the pencil icon and type in the DMS employee ID number. Then click the save icon. Any RO written after making this change should automatically appear in the texting tool if the correct ID was entered. IF newly written ROs are still not pulling through, please double check the ID that was entered. You can use other ID numbers currently working for reference.

Why is the print conversation button not working?

Pop-up windows are most likely blocked from the Service Texting Tool in Connect. If you see a blocked window notification up in your URL bar, click on that and enable pop ups for the Service Texting Solution in Connect. Next click on the print conversation button again and it will work properly

Is LivePerson Automotive GDPR compliant?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Key Things to Know 

At LivePerson Automotive (formerly known as Contact at Once!), we know that nothing is more important to our customers than the protection of their data, especially in light of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which went into effect in May 2018. Below is an outline of the purpose of the GDPR and the steps LivePerson Automotive has taken in order to meet the GDPR’s stricter standards as part of our ongoing commitment to protect consumer data and help our customers comply with the GDPR. 

1) GDPR’s purpose. The GDPR is a comprehensive data protection law that gives European consumers enhanced control over their personal data in the digital world. The regulation created a single set of privacy rules that apply uniformly across the EU and are directly enforceable in each EU member state. Notable requirements under the GDPR include increased security standards, breach notification requirements and, most importantly, rights of consumers to access and correct their data, receive a copy of their data (‘data portability’), or have their data deleted (‘right to be forgotten’).

2) Personal data at LivePerson Automotive. As part of our service to you, LivePerson Automotive may collect and store your customers’ personal data, such as name, address, etc., from chat/messaging transcripts and other sources. LivePerson Automotive implements stringent security measures to ensure that data are protected in our systems. For more information on these measures, please contact us at 

3) LivePerson Automotive’s GDPR compliance. LivePerson Automotive has operated in Europe for years and actively monitors developments in European Union data privacy law to ensure our continued compliance to serve our EU customers. As such, we have the answers you are looking for when thinking about data privacy. A few highlights: 

a. At LivePerson Automotive, we have robust security measures in place designed to meet and exceed your security requirements, including 24/7 security operations center monitoring, comprehensive security controls, distributed denial of service prevention, full web application firewalls and intrusion prevention system coverage, encryption of data in transit, and encryption of data at rest for North American customers with the option for our EU customers to encrypt data at rest. 

b. LivePerson Automotive regularly tests these security measures using routine vulnerability scans, penetration tests, and security audits. 

c. Personal data of EU consumers is generally hosted on European servers, and any transfers are pursuant to a valid transfer mechanism that protects the data once it leaves the EEA, such as a Data Protection Agreement (DPA) including the standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission. 

d. For our SMS feature, we have enabled message body redaction and phone number redaction to ensure that this personal consumer information is not stored outside of LivePerson Automotive. 

e. LivePerson Automotive offers procedures to help you manage requests from data subjects for access to personal data and rectification, portability and deletion of personal data. 

f. We regularly update our global privacy policy to address new requirements:

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your account manager with any questions or concerns.